Men’s Health


  • Prostate enlargement
  • Raised PSA
  • Vasectomy & family planning
  • Penoscrotal surgery: circumcision, hydrocoele repair, epididymal cyst removal
  • Erectile dysfunction

There are many urological problems that are specific to men arising from the male genitalia.

Many men develop issues with their prostates as they age. The prostate is a gland that produce the liquid component of the semen. With age, the prostate can enlarge significantly or alter in configuration to cause disruption to the flow of the urine (such as slow stream, stop start, and/or incomplete emptying). It can also cause troublesome symptoms of irritation, such as urinary urgency, frequency, frequent night time urination and urinary leakage. A very wide array of treatment options (both medical and surgical) are available.

Another common presentation in older man is the presence of a high PSA value. This often raises the concern of prostate cancer within patients. However, there are also many other situations whereby the PSA may present as being raised. We recommend a thorough evaluation in order to understand the underlying cause of the PSA increase.